Home, and home again

Deep in the thrall of graduate school applications, I've had quite a bit of time to reflect on what it's meant to be here– to put down roots, albeit temporary ones, and let the bright, unpredictable draw of this place pull me closer. Through the tangible arms of friends more like family; the tears, hugs,… Continue reading Home, and home again

On Difference

There are many days– starting with the always riveting, never the same bus ride I embark on each morning with my friend Liz– that I honestly wish I could walk around with a hidden camera just to convey the crazy unpredictability that is life in India. Back to the bus commute, for example. Just last… Continue reading On Difference

Aste, aste

The first month in India has been a whirlwind– from orientation in Delhi, to arriving in Kolkata and beginning to settle in... the first two and a half weeks felt a lot more like two and a half years. But at the same time, as I'm writing this finally pausing after a long week, it's… Continue reading Aste, aste